When I started building iOS applications in swift, I was struggling to hard code everything by myself. I am not saying that this approach is bad but it is very time consuming especially when working in big projects. I am listing some of the extensions which have helped me during the software development journey.

This is a great extension about objects such as buttons, views, text-fields, labels, images positioning. It is incorporated in the constraints and it helps resize the constraints based on different iPhone screens.


Download and include the swift files from the source online. Then click on…

Libraries for an easier SWIFT life.

Developing an application from scratch is all fun until the point that you get stuck or you will have to write 500 lines of code to do a simple conversion from json. Life is short and we definitely don’t want to spend it in 500 lines of code when we can install libraries which will do the work in two seconds. In case you are a beginner in Swift development, WELCOME and please follow the simple guide on how to get the cocoapods started.

First one of the list is Alamofire. It is an easy and compatible way to use…

Here is what you should know before jumping into the Swift World

Photo by: https://unsplash.com/photos/UTw3j_aoIKM

If you recently decided to explore the Swift world and redirect your career to ios path, WELCOME. I am happy that you made that decision. I made that decision right before I graduated from my bachelor’s degree. I decided to do my capstone project on swift and it was my first time doing a big project like that on Swift. Although, there will always be a first time, as long as you have made that decision in your head and you are eager to learn, you will succed.

Below I am showing some tips and tricks that can help along…

Endless nights. Senior Project. Stress. D-Day. More stress. Senior Thesis Presentation. Anxiety. Great! You got an A and graduated college with a honors degree, now what?

That was me right after I moved my tassel from right to left. I was LOST. Nowadays we have normalised this ‘lost’ feeling so much that it feels just right to pay a great amount of money for a piece of paper which you have no idea what to do with. Well, not everyone might be lost right after their graduation. They might have plans to start a master’s degree immediately, or start working…

Based on personal experience!

As an iOS developer, I used Interface Builder for quite some times. I felt comfortable with its imperfections and every time I was running into a bug, I simple googled it. From previous experience on different project, the automask layout part of the IB one of the most annoying part. Sometimes, it was not working as expected. Inputting conditions was sometimes making it worse the whole situation. But again as, I mentioned, I was simple googling every problem I encountered, and at the end of the day, I figured out a solution.

SwiftUI has been approximately 1 year around and…

Picking up side

The last major change that Apple came through was in 2014 when they introduced Swift in Objective-C. Back then Objective-C was very popular and gradually it died out as Swift got all the attention from developers. Introducing an Interface Builder which made the life easier by just dragging and dropping got the attention also to new developers including myself. I started learning more about how to build an iOS app once I got my first MacBook in 2015–2016 and Apple had moved to Swift 3. As a beginner, Swift was way convenient than Objective-C. …

Using buttons within the application to switch the language

Picture from Rockefeller center https://www.6sqft.com/new-yorkers-invited-to-design-iconic-rockefeller-center-flags/
Picture from Rockefeller center https://www.6sqft.com/new-yorkers-invited-to-design-iconic-rockefeller-center-flags/
Picture from Rockefeller center https://www.6sqft.com/new-yorkers-invited-to-design-iconic-rockefeller-center-flags/

If you are looking to change the language of the application through buttons within the application, you have come in right place. I understand the struggle as there is NO tutorial which goes through it step by step out there but I am here to help. No need to spend hours researching on internet as I have already done that for you and I am serving a ready step by step tutorial in a golden plate.

As I don’t want to get this tutorial super long and since the starting steps are same as I have mentioned in part 1

Add a second language or a third one through Localization in Swift.

Picture from Rockefeller center https://www.6sqft.com/new-yorkers-invited-to-design-iconic-rockefeller-center-flags/

Whether you are an experienced developer or just getting started, you will once in your life run across making the application international, by adding another language. If you are one of those people who are looking for a well explained tutorial, WELCOME. I feel you! Been there done that. And I know that unfortunately there aren’t enough tutorials regarding this topic. I had to learn it hard way by myself and I am here to show you, so you don’t waste time across the internet.

1. Change the language of the application automatically through Iphone language

2. Change the language…

Keep me grounded and focused throughout the day

Picture from https://www.mindbodybuild.com/blogs/health-wellness/how-to-build-the-perfect-morning-routine-that-works-for-you/

I am a person who loves to be busy. I feel like I am not doing anything with my life if I don’t have minimally 3–4 different projects at the same time, as I work better under pressure. Sometimes all the rush and pressure can get hectic and can fireback to doing nothing and watching Netflix in bed all day. After many trials and errors over the years, I discovered these three small and simple steps I try to do every morning for a productive and sane day.

Over a year ago, I was very curious about meditation technique but…

A short guide on how to get started with CocoaPods.

If you are new in Swift programming look at cocoapods as the npm in NodeJs or React. Just like npm, Cocoapods is a dependency manager for Cocoas projects.

CocoaPods manages library dependencies for your Xcode projects.

The dependencies for your projects are specified in a single text file called a Podfile. CocoaPods will resolve dependencies between libraries, fetch the resulting source code, then link it together in an Xcode workspace to build your project.

Ultimately the goal is to improve discoverability of, and engagement in, third party open-source libraries by creating a more centralised ecosystem.

source from https://guides.cocoapods.org/using/getting-started.html

1. Install CocoaPods in your PC

Please keep…

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