ChatGPT’s Attempt to Replace Developers

Can ChatGPT Really Build a Website?

Eniela P. Vela


Picture by ZHENYU LUO in Unsplash.

ChatGPT keeps trending almost a year after its release. While it has taken everyone by the storm, it still lacks a human touch. With that in mind, I decided to build a Vue3-based website from scratch using ChatGPT and see how far I can go. The goal? To explore the boundaries of this trend. This article is for educational and entertainment purposes. I do not wish to provoke AI enthusiasts or please web developers.

Why Vue?

React is the most popular framework out of that. However, I decided to skip the trend for this step and go with Vue. I have previous knowledge of Vue and I like the framework. It is easy, neat and clean. You build everything from style to html to script in a .vue file and you are done. No need to get lots of linking css, script and html files. If you are not familiar with Vue, it’s okay. This project is a very basic one so it won’t require much development knowledge. If you have prior knowledge of React or Angular, you will be just fine.


For this project, I subscribed to ChatGPT-4 because it allows you to add files and has a Code Interpreter. The downside of GPT-4 is that it has a cap of 50 messages per 3 hours.

Screenshot from the author.

The project — Version 1

I started the project by uploading my resume and prompting ChatGPT to learn from it. I wanted AI to learn as much as it could from my resume, so it could know more about the sections needed in my website.

Looking it back, I could have given more details in this prompt so the AI could know why was it learning my resume for.🤦🏼‍♀️

Screenshot from the author.

I learned from my previous mistake and started to guide ChatGPGT towards my idea of building a website. I planned to build a creative, bold and clean design. I also guided it towards the technology I wanted to use.